Dauphin, MB, Canada Water Works Foreman on the Ductile Iron Safety Blade

Desert Diamond Industries - Water and SewerThe Ductile Iron Safety Blade is the perfect blade for water and sewer work, because it cuts almost anything (including ductile iron pipe) faster and safer than other blades. Here’s what a Water Works foreman from Dauphin, MB, Canada had to say about the Ductile Iron Safety Blade:

I Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our purchase… I ordered 2 – 14″ Safety Blades. I used the blade today on 6″ cast iron water pipe, 1″ square solid steel spindle and 6″ C-900 water pipe, an amazing blade!

(emphasis ours)

You can imagine how we here at Desert Diamond Industries felt about receiving a glowing review like that! But they weren’t done with us in Dauphin. They sent us following on Sept. 21, 2010:

We have taken your blade and have cut ductile iron pipe, C-900 pipe, cast iron pipe, A/C pipe, concrete sidewalk, pavement, steel spindles and we lent our saw to the mechanics and they rebuilt the under carriage (sic) of a cat crawl, cutting plate steel, flat iron and schedule 40 & 80 pipe. We are still trying to wear out this blade. We are well into the second year, the side grit for beveling is pretty well gone but the cutting diamonds look almost new, showing very little wear. The aggressiveness, the smooth cutting and the longevity of this blade is simple (sic) amazing.

(again, emphasis ours)

The Ductile iron Safety Blade is so durable and versatile because of its solid steel construction and thick coat of vacuum-brazed diamond (up to 85 percent concentration). We’ve successfully proven it on ductile, cast, grey, angle and black iron; stainless, carbon, hardened, mild and galvanized steel; schedule 40 and 80 pipe; PVC; HDPE; RCP; clay and ceramic pipe; cured, green and reinforced concrete; asphalt; wood; plywood; 2x4s; and more! Not only that, but the Ductile Iron Safety Blade outlasts abrasive blades by 150 to 1, saving you money on replacement blades.

For more feedback from our customers about Desert Diamond Industries’ diamond blades and grinders, visit our testimonials page.

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