Foundry Finishing Room Supervisor on the Ductile Iron Safety Blade

Manufacturing Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesThe Ductile Iron Safety Blade is one of the most versatile diamond blades on the market, praised by firefighters and municipal water and utility workers – and now, by the manufacturing, fabrication and metalworking industries. Here’s what the Finishing Room Supervisor at an Orrville, OH foundry had to say about the Ductile Iron Safety Blade:

The operator loves it, he wants ’em. We’re not 150 to 1 yet, but we’re about 60 to 1… He doesn’t have to change blades, it cuts easier, it doesn’t throw sparks… We’ve only had it a week, but I can tell you right now, it’s better… I’d like to get another one in here when that thing wears out so we don’t have to go back to abrasives, that’s what I want.

(emphasis ours)

The Ductile Iron Safety Blade’s thick vacuum-brazed diamond coat (up to 85 percent concentration) outcuts abrasive blades in heavy-duty applications like metal cutting, metal working, manufacturing and fabriaction. It’s been proven on iron, steel, bronze, copper, chrome, zinc, lead, high nickel-content materials and Hastelloy “superalloys”. In addition, the Ductile Iron Safety Blade’s solid steel design (up to 14″) outlasts abrasives up to 150 to 1, reducing your replacement blade costs.

Best of all, the Ductile Iron Safety Blade’s solid steel design improves worksite safety and worker health. Its solid steel construction won’t shatter or explode like abrasives, reducing workplace injuries and fatalities, and it won’t emit hazardous silicon carbide fibers during cutting, reducing lost time and health insurance costs.

For more feedback from our customers about Desert Diamond Industries’ diamond blades and grinders, visit our testimonials page.

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