Safety Blade Wear Patterns – Know When to Replace Your Blade

Safety Blade Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesThe Ductile Iron Safety Blade and Fire Rescue Safety Blade have diamond grit vacuum-brazed onto steel cores – unlike other diamond blades, which have sintered or metal-bond cutting segments. This vacuum-brazed design gives these blades a different wear pattern from other diamond blades. Knowing what this wear pattern looks like will improve the performance and, most importantly, the safety of your blade.

If you do need to replace a worn Ductile Iron Safety Blade or Fire Rescue Safety Blade, just visit Desert Diamond Industries’ web site. You can also call us within the United States at (800) 654-5890 or internationally at 0011 1 702 465 0093.

Ductile Iron Safety Blade - No WearThis blade is new and unused. The diamond grit is sharp and pronounced. As the diamond wears down, the blade will become duller.

In some cases, the diamonds form a wear pattern in the opposite direction of blade rotation, typically after cutting metal. If you see this on your blade, just flip it over so that this wear pattern spins into the cut. Doing so will help restore your blade’s like-new performance.

Ductile-Iron-Safety-Blade - 25 Percent Life LeftThis segment is worn, showing signs of heavy use on steel. It has possibly a quarter of its life left.

Your blade will show signs of slowing down at this point. Make sure a backup is available. If not, it’s time to consider buying a new blade.

Ductile Iron Safety Blade - Completely Worn Down

This blade is completely worn out. Do not use a blade that shows bare steel like this. Remove it from your saw and from service, even if there is diamond grit on the side of the cutting edge.

Vacuum-brazing places a single layer of diamond on the blade’s cutting edge, so the blade must be replaced once this layer is worn down. This level of wear is not covered under our Life Time Operator Error Warranty.

Ductile Iron Safety Blade - Fresh Grinding Edge

Keep in mind that Ductile Iron Safety Blades and Fire Rescue Safety Blades have diamond grit on the sides of the cutting segments, as well as the cutting edges. Thus, your blade may wear like this one, with worn cutting edges but fresh side grit.

If your blade looks like this, we recommend replacing it. It may still work for side grinding or beveling, but it’s shot as a cutting blade and should be replaced. This level of wear is not covered under our Life Time Operator Error Warranty.

Ductile Iron Safety Blade - Worn Grinding Edge

This blade is extremely worn, with bare steel showing on both the cutting edges and sides. This is not safe or recommended. Replace your blade before it looks like this, preferably long before. This level of wear is not covered under our Life Time Operator Error Warranty.

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