Fire Rescue Safety Blade Helped Rescue Survivors from Fatal New England Thruway Tour Bus Crash

Fire Rescue Safety Blades were at the scene of a March 12, 2011 tour bus crash on the New England Thruway in New York City, which killed 15 people. The tour bus collided with a signpost that almost sliced the bus in half lengthwise and blocked access to its doors – keeping rescue workers out and survivors, many of them injured, in.

Luckily for the survivors, the New York Fire Department’s Squad 61 came to their rescue. One of the tools that they used during the extrication was the 12″ Fire Rescue Safety Blade. These photos, courtesy of Squad 61, document the rescue’s aftermath.

You can also find these photos on Desert Diamond Industries’ Facebook profile, in the album “Bronx Tour Bus Crash – 3-12-11“.

New England Thruway Bus Crash, March 12, 2011 - Outside BusThe tour bus fell on its side before sliding into this signpost. Squad 61 had to cut through the roof of the tour bus to get at survivors inside.

New England Thruway Bus Crash, March 12, 2011 - Closeup of Cut in Roof of BusA closeup on the cut in the tour bus’s roof made by Squad 61. The Fire Rescue Safety Blade had to cut through a variety of materials – including aluminum, sheet metal, plastic and steel – before firefighters could rescue the survivors. It cut through all of them without any problems!

New England Thruway Bus Crash, March 12, 2011 - Cut in Roof of BusAnother angle on the cut made in the roof. As you can see, the signpost nearly cut the roof off of this bus.

New England Thruway Bus Crash, March 12, 2011 - Inside BusOne last photo, showing the bus’s inside through the cut made by Squad 61. As you can see, this was a bad crash. We’re just glad that the Fire Rescue Safety Blade could help to keep a bad incident from getting worse.

Visit Desert Diamond Industries’ Web site for more information on the Fire Rescue Safety Blade.

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