Spend Less Money and Less Time with the Ductile Iron Safety Blade

Some blades cut only a few materials – concrete and asphalt, for instance, but not masonry or metal. That doesn’t really work in the real world, though, does it? You cut a lot of stuff. That means you carry a lot of different blades, which you have to swap out each time you cut something different.

Add that up. That’s a lot of money wasted on blades you hardly ever use and time wasted swapping them on your saw.

The Ductile Iron Safety Blade puts an end to this madness. It cuts almost anything with its thick coat of vacuum-brazed diamond (up to 85 percent concentration). That includes ductile iron, cast iron, steel, reinforced concrete, asphalt, brick, block, plastic and wood. (Don’t believe us? Just see the video above)

With the Ductile Iron Safety Blade, you spend less money on blades and less time changing them – and spending less money and less time is always a good thing.

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