“The Operator Loves It, He Wants ‘Em” – Foundry Finishing Room Supervisor on the Ductile Iron Safety Blade

Manufacturing Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesWe received a call from an Orrville, OH foundry Finishing Room Supervisor about the Ductile Iron Safety Blade. Here’s some of the things that he told us:

“The operator loves it, he wants ’em. We’re not 150 to 1 yet, but we’re about 60 to 1… He doesn’t have to change blades, it cuts easier, it doesn’t throw sparks… We’ve only had it a week, but I can tell you right now, it’s better… I’d like to get another one in here when that thing wears out so we don’t have to going (sic) back to abrasives, that’s what I want.”

(emphasis ours)

He was so enthusiastic about the Ductile Iron Safety Blade because it outperforms abrasive blades in blade life, safety and cutting speed.

The Ductile Iron Safety Blade outlasts abrasives by at least 150 to 1 because it’s made of solid steel and without welds (up to 14″). Good-quality 14″ abrasives can cost anywhere from $4 to $8 apiece, which means that those 150 abrasives would cost you $600 to $1,200. The Ductile Iron Safety Blade saves you money in replacement blades and, since you don’t replace blades as often, time spent swapping out worn blades.

Its solid steel construction is also safer because it can’t shatter and endanger you during cutting, the way abrasives can. The Ductile Iron Safety Blade also won’t emit hazardous silicon carbide fibers during cutting, like abrasives. This can reduce your employees’ lost time and your health insurance costs. (See our blog for more on the dangers of abrasive blades)

As if that weren’t enough, the Ductile Iron Safety Blade also cuts faster than abrasives. That’s because it has a thick vacuum-brazed diamond coat (up to 85 percent concentration) on the cutting edge. Faster cutting means you get more done and earn more money.

When you consider everything – blade life, safety, cutting speed – the Ductile Iron Safety Blade beats abrasives hands down. That leaves only one question:

Why aren’t you using the Ductile Iron Safety Blade?

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