Increase Safety with Solid Steel Ductile Iron Safety Blades and Fire Rescue Safety Blades

Solid steel blades like Ductile Iron Safety Blades and Fire Rescue Safety Blades can save your life! Our partners at Brotherhood Instructors, LLC found that out the hard way on April 2, 2011.

Brotherhood Instructors held a class for firefighters on cutting locks with handheld saws that day. Unfortunately, a lock shank got stuck inside the blade guard of a running Husqvarna K760 saw during the class. This accident could have shattered an abrasive blade or broken a welded blade and possibly injured or even killed the saw operator.

Luckily, Brotherhood Instructors uses the solid steel Fire Rescue Safety Blade to prevent injuries like this! The Fire Rescue Safety Blade bent inside the saw and sliced through the saw’s blade guard. However, the saw operator walked away unhurt from this accident!

Here’s some photos of the aftermath, courtesy of Brotherhood Instructors.

Fire Rescue Safety Blade Cutting Segment, Courtesy of Brotherhood Instructors

This is what a lock shank can do to a Fire Rescue Safety Blade if it gets caught inside a blade guard. Notice that the blade bent but didn’t break, keeping the saw operator safe.

Husqvarna K760 Saw, Courtesy of Brotherhood Instructors

And here’s what a Fire Rescue Safety Blade can do to a K760’s blade guard. Brotherhood Instructors may have lost a saw, but they didn’t lose any firefighters to the hospital or the morgue… and, really, that’s the most important thing to come out of this accident. Saws are replaceable. Firefighters aren’t.

You can find these and more photos on our Google+ page and our Facebook profile.

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