Unionized Ironworkers Prefer the Ductile Iron Safety Blade and Safety Blade Grinder/Cutter

Welding and Metalworking Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesUnionized ironworkers love the Ductile Iron Safety Blade and Safety Blade Grinder/Cutter for their speed, durability and safety. Just read what they’ve written:

“The grinding wheel performs very well when removing heavy amounts of material and is very durable. I would say that it works best for heavier removal of material when a nicer finish is not desired. It seems to be a well-made product that works well for what (it) is suited to.”  – Training Coordinator, Iron Workers Local #25, Novi, MI

“In general your vacuum brazed product will last much longer a (sic) create less dust then (sic) conventional abrasive blades. I feel that an iron working contractor engaged in decking will find your blade very useful – lots of savings in changing out the abrasive blades which wear out very quickly and due to the size it should stay on the saw and be less likely to be lost or stolen.” – Apprentice Coordinator, Iron Workers Local #3, Pittsburgh, PA

“Your product (Safety Blade Grinder/Cutters) are 75% more effective than our common abrasive blade and has a definite plus for heavy removal of steels. In addition I agree that it is not probable that it will explode in operation like abrasive blades do, produces 90% less sparks and dust which keeps our shops cleaner and is a very earth friendly, green product.” – Director, Iron Workers Local #5, Upper Marlboro, MD

(emphasis ours)

Ductile Iron Safety Blades and Safety Blade Grinder/Cutters cut and grind faster than abrasive blades and grinders because of their thick coats of vacuum-brazed diamond, which have been proven on ductile, cast, grey, angle and black iron; stainless, carbon, hardened, mild and galvanized steel; non-ferrous materials like bronze, copper, chrome, zinc and lead; high nickel-content materials; and Hastelloy superalloys.

They’re also tougher and safer than abrasives because they’re made of solid steel. Their solid steel designs outlast abrasives by at least 150 to 1. They also won’t explode or shatter, increasing your safety, and won’t emit hazardous silicon carbide fibers, increasing worksite health and reducing your health insurance costs and downtime.

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