How to Change the Air Filter on a Husqvarna Saw

How To Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesHas your Husqvarna saw lost power? The problem may not be with your saw, but with its air filter.

Your Husqvarna gas saw has a high-efficiency Active Air Filtration system that protects the engine when cutting in dusty worksites. When this filter gets filled with dust, it blocks air to the engine, reducing its power.

We don’t recommend that you run your saw without the air filter. Doing so will let dust get into the engine, increasing engine wear and shortening your saw’s life. Instead, change the filter when you notice a drop in your saw’s power. Installing a new air filter is (relatively) cheap – cheaper than bringing in your saw for repairs, at least – and should restore your saw’s performance.

The video below, courtesy of Husqvarna, shows how to change the air filter on a Husqvarna K970 Gas Saw. If you have a different saw, then refer to its instructions for how to change the filter.

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