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Spotlight Video on the Ductile Iron Safety Blade

We’ve put together a new promotional video for the Ductile Iron Safety Blade. It’s a bit different from our other videos because it was shot entirely at the World of Concrete 2013 conference. That being said, we think you’ll like it.

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Brotherhood Instructors, LLC on Making Safe Roof Ventilation Cuts in Flat Roofs

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesOur partners at Brotherhood Instructors, LLC produced this video on how to make safe roof ventilation cuts – specifically “7-9-8 ventilation cuts” – in flat roofs. Here’s what they have to say about this video:

The 7-9-8 Ventilation cut provides a preset plan for conducting a cut. Far too often when members cut a roof, they “make each cut up as they go”. This cut will provide a plan-of-attack for each flat-roof that is opened. The design of this cut, and the steps that each cut is performed inherently keeps the firefighter from stepping inside the cut segments, thus increasing safety.

More training videos from Brotherhood Instructors here.

How to Change the Blades on a Husqvarna Cut-n-Break Saw

How To Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesHusqvarna‘s Cut-n-Break saws give you an ingenious way to step-cut up to 16″ deep with 9″ blades. However, their double-blade systems are unusual – maybe even unique – and may take getting used to when you install or change blades.

To make blade changes a little easier, Husqvarna made this how-to video. It features a Husqvarna K3000 Cut-n-Break Electric Saw, but the company says that this procedure works just as well on the Husqvarna K760 Cut-n-Break Gas Saw, too.

You can watch more how-to videos on Husqvarna Construction Products’ YouTube channel.

Think We’re Just Safety Blades?

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you might think that Desert Diamond Industries is all about the Ductile Iron Safety Blade and Fire Rescue Safety Blade. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Desert Diamond Industries has diamond blades for every material and application. We have blades for stone, masonry, brick, concrete and asphalt, including Alpha and Typhoon continuous rim blades, the Twin Segmented Pro Masonry Blade, the Brick Blitzer Masonry Blade, the Pro Brick Master Blade and the Monster Concrete Combo Blade, as well as general purpose blades like the Carbide Chunk Blade. No matter what kind of job you have, we have a blade that’ll help you get it done!

Shot at the World of Concrete 2013 conference earlier this month in Las Vegas, NV.

Thanks to Everyone who Attended Firehouse World 2013!

Desert Diamond Industries' booth at Firehouse World 2013

Desert Diamond Industries’ booth at Firehouse World 2013

Desert Diamond Industries wants to thank everyone who attended Firehouse World 2013 this week in San Diego, CA: the firefighters, the exhibitors and everyone who stopped by our booth, as well as, which sponsored the conference. We know we had a blast, and we hope you did, too.

Greetings from Sunny San Diego, CA and Firehouse World 2013

Greetings from sunny San Diego, CA, where Firehouse World 2013 was held this week