Brotherhood Instructors, LLC on the Fire Rescue Safety Blade

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesYesterday, we posted a glowing review of the Fire Rescue Safety Blade by Rescue Methods. Well, they’re not the only ones who like the blade.

Here’s a blog excerpt by Grant Light, an instructor with our partners Brotherhood Instructors, LLC:

During training at a scrap yard we cut through a fiberglass roof on a conversion van, which was backed up by 4 layers of OSB plywood and then turned and cut the class 3-trailer hitch off the rear of the vehicle. We were using a Desert Diamond vacuum braised (sic) blade and it didn’t skip a beat. The ability to grab a circular saw and cut just about anything you encounter is a welcome change from the blades we used just a few years ago. These new blades have a higher upfront cost but their ability to cut a wide range of materials, remain a constant diameter and outlast any forcible entry cutting scenario you might encounter make them a smart choice as you move forward into the future of circular saw blades.

Full article here.

The Firehouse World 2013 conference ends today! Visit us in Booth 450, Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA before the exhibition hall closes at 4 p.m.

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