Are Diamond Blades or Carbide Chunk Blades Better for Fire Rescue Cutting?

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesWhen you grab your saw at a fire or a rescue, what kind of blade should be on your saw – diamond or carbide chunk? We’re partial to diamond blades (although we do sell carbide chunk blades, too), but you came here for answers, not our opinion. Luckily, Streetsmart Firefighter has them for you.

Streetsmart Firefighter tested a diamond blade against a carbide chunk blade (here called a “nugget blade”) on roofing materials and various metals, including chains. They even recorded their tests, so you can see the results for yourself. Their conclusions?

The diamond blade is great for almost all metal and masonry but not wood. The nugget blade is great for wood and thin metal (up to 3/16″) but not masonry.

We’d like to point out that Streetsmart Firefighter was using a competitor’s diamond blade and not the Fire Rescue Safety Blade during their tests (see this article on our blog for how our blade fares against the competition). However, we agree with Streetsmart Firefighter’s conclusions if you’re using a competing diamond blade. Keep your carbide chunk blades. Just make sure you use them for the right jobs.

Like we said, though, we are partial to diamond blades, so we’ll leave you with this Streetsmart Firefighter video from an article on cutting stucco.

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