I Angle Grinded My Head in Half, or THIS Is Why You Don’t Use Abrasive Blades (Part 2)

Safety Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesYesterday, we promised you Part 2 of Frank Morrison’s violent encounter with a broken abrasive blade, so here it is. We should warn you, this video gets pretty graphic around 1:17. If you’re not a firefighter or emergency worker, you might want to watch it on an empty stomach.

Spoiler Alert: Morrison survived the accident, but it cost him an eye. He was one of the lucky ones, though. Shattering abrasive blades and grinders have killed their operators. That’s why we keep telling you to stop using abrasives and start using solid steel blades, like the Ductile Iron Safety Blade (up to 14″).

Thanks once again to Great Britain’s Bizarre ER.

Remember, we’ll be exhibiting the Ductile Iron Safety Blade, Ductile Iron Ring Saw Safety Blade and Carbide Chunk Blade in Booth 3087 at the American Water Works Association‘s ACE13 conference in Denver, CO from June 9 to 12! See our press release for details.

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