Can You Tap a Pipe This Fast? Part 2

AWWA ACE13 BearIt’s Friday, time to kick back a bit here on the blog.

We also wanted to get in the mood for the upcoming American Water Works Association‘s ACE13 conference, so we decided to post a video of the ACE12 women’s pipe tapping championship, held last year. This competition was won by the SAWS Alamo City Tappers, who tapped their pipe in 2 minutes and 4 seconds.

You didn’t know there were pipe tapping championships? Or that there were men’s and women’s pipe tapping championships? Well, now you do.

See the 2012 men’s pipe tapping championship.

Remember, we’ll be exhibiting the Ductile Iron Safety Blade, Ductile Iron Ring Saw Safety Blade and Carbide Chunk Blade in Booth 3087 at the American Water Works Association‘s ACE13 conference in Denver, CO from June 9 to 12! See our press release for details.

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