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Help a Brother Get a Google Glass

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You may have heard of Google Glass. It’s a wearable computer that you control with voice commands and that displays information in a monocle over your right eye, a nifty combination that lets you get information without fumbling with a computer or smart phone.

Patrick Johnson of the City of Rocky Mount Fire Department is developing an app for Google Glass, and he needs your help to get a pair.

Google Glassis en’t available to the public except by invitation. Johnson got one of these invitations, but it’s going to cost him $2,000 to claim his unit. As he writes over at Indiegogo:

The price of the Google Glass unit is $1500 + tax and travel to NYC to pick it up. This comes right around $2000. I have 14 days to purchase the unit – after this my invitation is expired. If my goal of $2000 is not reached by July 2.

Indiegogo - Google Glasses with Fire App 1

That’s great, we can hear you saying, but why should we shell out our hard-earned money for this? Here’s Jackson’s answer to that, over at Android in the Fire Service:

Google Glass could be a useful tool for firefighters. It can provide information in the form of text and pictures directly to the users (sic) field of vision. This is a rapid means of getting small amounts of information such as dispatch details, location information, or hazard alerts. I don’t think Google Glass would be useful for interior firefighting(at least not in it’s (sic) current form). However for a incident commander, safety officer, or other exterior role it could prove useful.

Indiegogo - Google Glasses with Fire App 2

We think it’s a good idea, and we encourage you to contribute to Jackson’s Indiegogo campaign to raise the $2,000 he needs. He only has $100 as of this writing, and he’s going to need all the help he can get. Make a donation today!

Below is a promotional video from Google about Google Glasses.

We’ll be in Booth 943 at Firehouse Expo 2013 in Baltimore, MD from July 25 to July 27! Read our press release for details.

Monthly Drill on Forcible Entry, by Firehouse Magazine

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesLooking for a good forcible entry drill? Firehouse magazine (which is also organizing the Firehouse Expo 2013 conference in Baltimore, MD) and Clarence “Smiley” White posted this one back in 2007.  It lasts three hours with minimal instruction and maximum hands-on practice and covers pretty much everything you wanted to know about forcible entry tools and techniques.

This drill is also available in PDF format.

Firehouse, Clarence “Smiley” White, “Back To Basics: Effective Forcible Entry

We’ll be in Booth 943 at Firehouse Expo 2013 in Baltimore from July 25 to July 27! Read our press release for details.

THIS Is Why We Keep Talking about Fire Rescue Saw Safety

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesWe’ve posted articles about rotary saw and chain saw safety here before (like this and this), because you run a greater chance of getting hurt by your saw if you don’t use it safely.

After all, saw blades and chain saw chains are designed to cut wood, concrete and even metal. What do you think’s going to happen to you if you get hit by one of these blades or chains?

This FireRescue1 article by Jason Poremba drives this point home better than most. It has all the usual tips, like storing abrasive blades away from gasoline (a hazard that you can eliminate by using the solid steel Fire Rescue Safety Blade, by the way). However, it also has video of what happens when things go sideways and firefighters get cut or burnt by their own saws.

FireRescue1, Jason Poremba, “Power Saw Safety on the Fireground

We’ll be in Booth 943 at Firehouse Expo 2013 in Baltimore, MD from July 25 to July 27! Read our press release for details.

The Carbide Roof Ventilation Blade in Action, by L’Arsenal

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesOne of our distributors, L’Arsenal in Drummondville, QB, Canada, posted this great video of the Carbide Roof Ventilation Blade on our new Facebook page today. It’s not very long but, as you’ll see, the Carbide Roof Ventilation Blade doesn’t need much time, like only seven seconds to tear two four-foot cuts in this shingle-and-wood roof.

If you’re having trouble seeing this video, head over to the Carbide Roof Ventilation Blade page on L’Arsenal’s website. (Oh, and in case you were wondering, that saw is a Husqvarna K970 fire rescue saw)

Do you have a video like this of one of our blades in action? Don’t just sit on it! Send a link to or on our Facebook or Google+ page, and we’ll post it here for the world to see!

We’ll be in Booth 943 at Firehouse Expo 2013 in Baltimore, MD from July 25 to July 27! Read our press release for details.

Press Release – Fire Rescue Blade Manufacturer to Exhibit Blades, Sponsor HOT Classes at Firehouse Expo 2013

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesDesert Diamond Industries
2799 E. Tropicana Avenue
Suite G
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Contact: Nicholas Mione or Gionni Mione
Phone: (800) 654-5890 or (702) 606-6631

LAS VEGAS, NV, June 24, 2013 – Desert Diamond Industries (DDI) will exhibit their Fire Rescue Safety Blade, used by the New York City Fire Department (FDNY), the Philadelphia Fire Department and other major fire departments, at the Firehouse Expo 2013 firefighter conference in Baltimore, MD. They will be located in Booth 943 at the Baltimore Convention Center from July 25 to July 27, 2013.

DDI will also provide Fire Rescue Safety Blades and Carbide Roof Ventilation Blades to Firehouse Expo 2013’s Hands-on Training (HOT) classes, to be held on July 23 and July 24. These blades will be used in two HOT classes: Truck Company Tactics, Tools and Tips and Forcible Entry.

The FDNY has used the Fire Rescue Safety Blade to extricate survivors and clear wreckage from numerous accidents, including a March 12, 2011 tour bus crash on the New England Thruway that killed 14 passengers and a Nov. 8, 2011 construction site collapse in Brooklyn, NY that killed one worker. Other users of the Fire Rescue Safety Blade include the FDNY’s SOC Unit and the Philadelphia, PA, Los Angeles County, CA, Chicago, IL, Milwaukee, WI, Houston, TX, St. Louis, MO and Memphis, TN fire departments in the United States; the Calgary, AB, Edmonton, AB, Burnaby, BC, London, ON and Hamilton, ON fire departments in Canada; and firefighter instructors Brotherhood Instructors, LLC and SAFE Firefighter.

DDI owner Nicholas Mione said that he was “really excited to be able to get to an East Coast show, since we haven’t been to one yet.”

“The Firehouse Expo is going to be a great venue, allowing us to meet face-to-face with our most esteemed East Coast clients,” he added.

Founded in Las Vegas, NV in 2008 by Nicholas Mione and Gionni Mione, DDI is now the largest supplier of diamond blades to governmental agencies in the United States and Canada. Approximately 90% of fire departments, water and underground utilities and foundries in these two countries use DDI’s signature Fire Rescue Safety Blade and Ductile Iron Safety Blade.

Download this press release in PDF format.