Desert Diamond Industries at the ACE13 Conference, June 10

AWWA ACE13 BearThe American Water Works Association’s ACE13 conference started this week, and we’re down in the trenches with everyone else! Here’s some highlights from the conference.

Thanks to Troy Fullerton for these photos.

Remember, we’ll be in Booth 3087 at the American Water Works Association‘s ACE13 conference in Denver, CO until Wednesday! See our press release for details, and then stop by for a look at the Ductile Iron Safety BladeDuctile Iron Ring Saw Safety Blade and Carbide Chunk Blade!

June 7, On the Way to ACE13

Desert Diamond Industries, on the road to the ACE13 conference on June 7. Google Maps said the car trip from Las Vegas, NV to Denver, CO, the site of the conference, would be a scant 11 hours.

June 7, Glen Hellebrand, On the Way to ACE13Salesman Glen Hellebrand found time to goof around on the way to ACE13. Here he is on June 7, master of all he surveys.

June 8 in Denver, Before ACE13Glen Hellebrand, left, and Desert Diamond Industries’ founder Nicholas Mione, center, networking in Denver on June 8, the night before the ACE13 conference. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

June 9, Nicholas Mione and Glen Hellebrand On their Way to the Desert Diamond Industries Booth at ACE13Nicholas Mione, left, and Glen Hellebrand heading to Desert Diamond Industries’ Booth 3087  to set up on June 9.

June 10, Getting Slammed at Desert Diamond Industries' Booth at ACE13We were pretty busy at our booth at ACE13 on June 10.

June 10, Crowd at Desert Diamond Industries' Booth at ACE13Desert Diamond Industries drew crowds at ACE13 on June 10.

June 10, More Crowd at Desert Diamond Industries' Booth at ACE13Remember, we’ll be in Booth 3087 at ACE13 until Wednesday! Hope to see you sometime before the end of the conference!

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