How to Fight (and Survive) Wildfires, by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesAfter the loss of 19 firefighters to the Yarnell Hill wildfire in Arizona yesterday, it seemed appropriate to post this.

The National Wildfire Coordinating Group‘s Incident Response Pocket Guide has over a hundred pages of information, best practices and checklists for every stage of fighting a wildfire, including: planning your attack; protecting structures; dealing with specific hazards like thunderstorms, hazard trees and even unexploded ordnance; a refresher on first aid and triage; the use of planes and helicopters; and, when everything goes wrong, how to survive being engulfed by a flame front.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t use this guide to replace proper training. However, if you are trained to fight wildfires, then this guide could be an invaluable resource.

And the next time you do have to fight a wildfire, come home alive.

Hat tip to the California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee.

National Wildfire Coordinating Group, “Incident Response Pocket Guide” (PDF)

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