Last Chance to Help a Firefighter Get a Google Glass!

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Today is the last day that you can help Patrick Jackson of the City of Rocky Mount Fire Department pick up his Google Glass!

As we reported on Friday, he’s developing a Google Glass app to feed important information, like dispatch details, location information and hazard alerts, to firefighters. The problem: It’ll cost him two grand to pick up a Google Glass unit to help him develop the app. As he writes over at Indiegogo:

The price of the Google Glass unit is $1500 + tax and travel to NYC to pick it up. This comes right around $2000. I have 14 days to purchase the unit – after this my invitation is expired. If my goal of $2000 is not reached by July 2.

Indiegogo - Google Glasses with Fire App 2

Simulated Google Glass user view, courtesy of Patrick Jackson

We think Patrick’s idea has promise. The app is meant for exterior roles like incident commanders and safety officers right now, according to Patrick. However, it’ll allow these officers to get information they need without fumbling for radios, cell phones or computers and without taking their eyes off a fire. We’d love to see him develop this further.

He has less than a day to make the nut, though, and he’s falling behind. Make a contribution on his Indiegogo page today!

We’ll be in Booth 943 at Firehouse Expo 2013 in Baltimore, MD from July 25 to July 27! Read our press release for details.

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