“Skip the Fireworks, Thank a Firefighter”

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesWe were searching for something to post about today – fireworks safety? Nah, the firefighters who read this blog already know how dangerous those things are – when we stumbled across a Facebook page called “Skip the Fireworks, Thank a Firefighter“. Here’s what it says on its About page:

Although I realize that professional fireworks displays are safe, I find it unsettling to indulge in this form of entertainment while wildfires rage out of control and thousands of people are displaced. I also realize that fireworks are a national tradition and that children love them. Perhaps this is our opportunity to teach them about the broader community and that sometimes we have to deny ourselves to stand with others. So, instead of attending the fireworks display, how about visiting your local fire station and thanking a firefighter for what they do best: risking their lives to protect us and our property. And, instead of spending money on gas to sit in traffic, how about making a donation to the Red Cross? I know that is what I would want if I was sleeping on a cot in the high school gym because my house and (sic) burned to the ground. Who’s with me?

We know it’s almost heresy not to have fireworks on the Fourth of July in the United States. However, after the loss of the Granite Mountain Hotshots in Arizona earlier this week, this message seemed appropriate, even important.

Thanks to everyone who keeps us safe. Have a great Independence Day.

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