Defeating Window Bars, by Fire Service Warrior

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesYesterday, we wrote about the New York City Fire Department’s forcible entry guide. We’d like to follow that up today with this guide to defeating window bars, posted by Brian Brush at Fire Service Warrior.

Accordng to Brush, power saws are good tools for defeating window bars. However, he adds, smaller departments without heavy rescue or truck companies may not have access to these tools.

This guide was made for when you don’t have a power saw. It covers the same ground as pages 152 to 158 of the FDNY guide, but in greater detail and with bigger and better photos. Both documents seem to agree, though, that you should attack the bars’ mountings instead of the bars themselves.

Window bars can be tough to defeat because there are so many kinds and so many ways to mount them. That shouldn’t stop you, though, says Brush:

In most settings window bars are more deterrent than actual fortification. There are places where window bars and coverings can be substantially built and designed as an obstacle, for example commercial occupancies or vacant property systems. For the most part window bars and coverings on occupied residential and multi-family dwellings are designed to intimidate criminals from an attempt. We are not criminals and we should not be intimidated.

Fire Service Warrior, “Conventional Methods for Defeating Window Bars” (PDF)

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