Pete Lamb on the Dangers of Forcible Entry

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So! You’ve made an opening using the techniques from those forcible entry guides that we posted on Wednesday and Thursday. What now? According to Pete Lamb, you should try not to get yourself killed.

Lamb, who has 35 years of firefighting experience, reminds you in his 60 Second Safety podcast to control your openings. After all, whoever makes the first opening into a building is probably also making the first ventilation opening as well, and the forcible entry team making it will be right in front of the dragon’s mouth when that happens. He also cautions you to probe the floor just inside to make sure it’s sound before you enter.

“Any number of things can go wrong while you’re doing forcible entry,” says Lamb. Forewarned is forearmed.

Pete Lamb, “60 Second Safety – Forcible Entry

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