Vehicle Extrication Techniques, by Holmatro

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We’ve had forcible entry guides and tips from the New York City Fire Department, Fire Service Warrior and longtime firefighter Pete Lamb. That’s not all you do, though, so we decided to see if we could find something else that you could use. And we did.

Vehicle Extrication Techniques by Brendon Morris, Head of the Technical Rescue Training Department at Holmatro has over 80 pages of useful information, photos and illustrations about vehicle extrication, including use and handling of spreaders, cutters and rams, vehicle design and construction (including a page on hybrid vehicles), crew organization, vehicle stabilization and lots of extrication techniques, including roof, side and door removal, dashboard lifts and rolls and how to extricate victims from heavy vehicles like trucks and buses.

Needless to say, Morris’s guide isn’t a substitute for training, but it’s pretty useful as a supplement.

Holmatro’s Downloads & Information page also has Spanish and Portuguese versions of this document.

Holmatro, Brendon Morris, “Vehicle Extrication Techniques” (PDF)

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