Dash Displacement in Newer Vehicles, by Fire Engineering

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond Industries

We looked at removing the sides from cars yesterday. Today, we consider the dash.

Vehicle designs change, so vehicle extrication techniques have to change with them, says David Dalrymple over at Fire Engineering magazine. Dash displacement is one of these techniques.

According to Dalrymple, dash displacement has gotten tougher because of dashboard reinforcement and energy-absorption or crumple zones. Emergency workers can deal with these, he says, by making relief cuts in the crumple zones. These are hidden away inside the vehicle, though, so you may need to strip or peel the fender away in order to get at them.

Firefighter with Hydraulic Cutter, courtesy of Fire Engineering Magazine

Courtesy of Fire Engineering

Dalrymple’s article is a little short on photos but long on detailed instructions. We think it’s worth a look.

Fire Engineering, David Dalrymple, “Strategic Cutting: Weakening the Vehicle to Make It Work for Us

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