Forcing Padlocks with Hand Tools, by

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesFirehouse Expo 2013 will begin its Hands-on Training classes tomorrow! In honor of this, we’re posting this training video from on how to force padlocks with hand tools.

Saws get some respect here, but the focus is on muscle-powered hand tools: halligan, axe, PIG tool, sledgehammer, bolt cutters and so on. Probies may be surprised at the punishment even cheap-looking locks can take, but veterans won’t.

They do manage to defeat every lock in this video, if only by sheer dogged persistence. Unfortunately, this video doesn’t have one way to force every lock, although that may be the point. As says near the end, “Use your head, adapt, look for the weak point and overcome.”

We’ll be in Booth 943 at Firehouse Expo 2013 in Baltimore, MD from Thursday to Saturday this week! Read our press release for details.

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