Making Radius Cuts in Concrete Pavers with a Handheld Rotary Saw, by Mike Sheehan

Construction Articles on Desert Diamond Industries' BlogHandheld rotary saws are great for cutting straight lines, but they have trouble making radius cuts. That can be a problem, because the real world wasn’t laid out with a straight edge.

This video by Mike Sheehan may help whenever you need to make radius cuts in concrete pavers. Sheehan’s technique has four steps:

  1. Lay out your pavers to cover an area greater than the area you want paved.
  2. Use a guide, like a length of PVC pipe, to mark your cut on the pavers.
  3. Make a shallow cut along your mark to score the pavers. This score will help you to guide your blade during the final cut, says Sheehan.
  4. Make your final cut along your score.

This is a fairly quick and easy way to make radius cuts. So, how do you make these kinds of cuts?

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