Gionni Mione, President of Desert Diamond Industries – “Our Plans Are Growing”

Gionni Mione, President of Desert Diamond Industries

Gionni Mione, President of Desert Diamond Industries

Gionni Mione, 24, is president and part-owner of Desert Diamond Industries and has lived in Las Vegas, NV for most of his life. In this lightly edited interview, he answered questions about Desert Diamond Industries, its products and its future.

First of all, what would you say your role is at Desert Diamond Industries, in your own words?

At first, my primary roles included working in business, sales, client services, purchasing, product development, logistics… I was involved in almost every area to some degree. As working systems developed within (Desert Diamond Industries), I started working on setting up more advanced systems such as the warranty and client service department. However, my main area of expertise lies in the acquisition of new clients and identifying clients who can best benefit from the products we design and distribute.

Why did you become a part-owner of Desert Diamond Industries?

In the beginning, Nick and I sat down and discussed the opportunity to get involved in designing and distributing safer and more reliable saw blades to government agencies and municipalities.  We knew that saw blade kickback and diamond segment loss was a big problem in the water industry. With the innovation of the Safety Blade, I knew it was something I could feel good about making the public aware of, so I committed whole-heartedly to the vision Nick started, and in turn, we are able to help thousands of people stay safer and more efficient in the field with the Safety Blade.

Ductile Iron Safety Blade

Ductile Iron Safety Blade

What was Desert Diamond Industries like when it first started out?

It was great in the beginning. We were pioneers back then. None of our potential clients had heard about the technology we were using to make the Safety Blade, so it was something that was fresh and new to them initially. Once we were able to get a single saw blade out to a client for their review, it was an earned client every single time. That’s when we knew we were on to something. Once the smaller companies/municipalities started telling us their experiences, we knew it was time to go for some larger accounts. That’s when we launched our Dream 100 campaign to earn the 100 largest municipal accounts.

Has Desert Diamond Industries grown since then?

Yes, since then we’ve expanded to distribute the Safety Blade not to only government agencies, but also the federal government, including the DOD, FEMA, naval air stations, and many civil engineering departments. We’ve developed other products with the same manufacturing technology as the Safety Blade to help welders with grinding needs. Our entire vacuum-brazed product series is designed for cutting and grinding any type of metallic, ferrous or non-ferrous application. We’re currently introducing the benefits of the Safety Blade product line to fire departments and USAR teams across the world.

Fire Rescue Safety Blade

Fire Rescue Safety Blade

Two more questions. Did you use saw blades in any professional capacity before becoming a part-owner of Desert Diamond Industries?

No. Nick had some experience using saw blades, so we had a very basic understanding of how they work. We had lots of ideas on how to build better saw blades and solve many of the problems associated with durability, performance, and safety. We knew we had to start with the highest quality materials, then test the blades we created against blades made with lower quality material to get an understanding of what makes a saw blade safer or better performing over another.

One more question. What are your future plans for Desert Diamond Industries?

Our plans are growing along with ourselves. My plans include building a network for products that are safer for clients, starting with the Safety Blade, and basically becoming a company that offers a lot more than just a product that can help save lives. We want to get involved with the community as far as getting rid of the toxic building materials that they use across the world, and we definitely want to make sure that we use something way more environmentally friendly in the future, and even though it may put us out of business, doing these things is something that’s going to benefit the entire world. So that’s what we’re after.

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