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Wet Cutting Concrete to Reduce Dust Exposure

Safety Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesWet cutting concrete reduces respirable dust concentrations in the air by up to 85%.

Those are the results of a study by the University of Massachusetts Lowell Department of Work Environment, which was reported on They confirm the results of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study that we reported on back in July: wet-cutting concrete reduces worker exposure to dust and, more importantly, to respirable crystalline silica (RCS).

These findings are important because breathing in RCS can cause a number of respiratory conditions, including silicosis, COPD, tuberculosis, and lung cancer. The studiers concluded:

Dry cutting with gas-powered concrete saws should not be allowed under any circumstances, unless the firm is prepared to perform personal air sampling to ensure that exposure levels do not exceed acceptable limits. When exposure levels are known, selection of the appropriate respirator can be an effective way to reduce personal exposures, although the dust can still fill the work area and expose other workers and the neighborhood. The regular use of water controls on gas-powered concrete saws is a clear and effective way to reduce the level of respirable dust altogether: for operators, other project workers and the community., “Wetter is Better to Control Concrete Dust

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How to Carry a Roof Ventilation Saw up a Ladder

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesWe’ve had videos about how to start power saws on roofs, but we really haven’t had any that focus on how to get your saws up there in the first place. Let’s rectify that oversight right now. This Fire Engineering video, with FDNY Lt. Mike Ciampo, shows you how to carry saws up ladders safely both one-handed and with a shoulder strap.

Fire Engineering, “Carrying a Portable Saw up a Portable Ladder”

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Diamond Blade and Cutoff Saw Safety, by Construction Zone Safety

Safety Articles from Desert Diamond Industries The 2010 edition of Construction Zone Safety has a pretty good article on diamond blade and cutoff saw safety. It’s fairly short and a fast read but still has many of the things that you should do (inspect your blade and saw before cutting, pay attention to them while cutting, run your blade on a saw with the correct RPM and spindle size, wear your protective gear) and shouldn’t do when cutting with diamond blades. Check it out.

Construction Zone Safety, “The dos and don’ts of diamond blades”

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Cutting Carriage Bolt Heads in Doors with Fire Rescue Saws during Forcible Entry

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesIt’s (relatively) easy to pull sliding bolt and drop bar carriage bolts from hollow-core doors. But what do you do if you come up against solid or reinforced doors? No problem, says Search & Destroy Fire Training, LLC. Just grind off the bolt heads with the cutting edge of your fire rescue saw’s blade. They show you how to do it in this video.

This technique looks clumsy and impractical at first, but Search & Rescue claims that you can get pretty precise with your saw if you practice. And hey, the video’s set to Social Distortion’s cover of “Backstreet Girl”. Watch it for that if nothing else.

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Ring Saw Maintenance, by Husqvarna

Water Articles on Desert Diamond Industries' BlogYou know that Husqvarna’s ring saws cut deeper than other circular saws, reduce your excavation and increase your safety. How do ring saws cut if their blades don’t have regular arbors, though? You’re probably saying to yourself, “Self, ring saws must be complicated and hard to maintain!”

Not so, replies Husqvarna. They even have a 14-minute video that shows you how easy it is to maintain a ring saw. Follow these steps, and you’ll be a ring saw expert in no time.

These maintenance procedures apply to both the Husqvarna K970 Ring Saw and K3600 MKII Hydraulic Ring Saw.

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