When Do You Replace a Worn Out Diamond Blade?

When Do You Replace a Worn Out Diamond Blade?First of all, remember that a diamond blade is different from a knife blade or toothed saw blade. Because of this, it won’t have dull edges or dull teeth when it’s worn out. (In fact, we’ll bet that your diamond blade’s cutting segments look dull whether they’re worn out or not)

That’s because a diamond blade cuts with the diamonds impregnated into its cutting segments. These diamonds wear down during cutting, despite being one of the hardest substances on earth. When these diamonds are worn out, then your diamond blade is worn out, and you’ll need to replace it [1].

How can you tell this? Simple. Before your diamond blade is worn out, it’ll cut slower and slower and eventually won’t cut at all [2]. You should also look at the blade before you start cutting to see if the blade core has worn-out spots [3] or if the cutting segments have completely worn down [4].

Keep in mind that you can’t always gauge the life of your diamond blade by its cutting speed. Some blades will become “glazed over” if they’re too hard for the material that you’re cutting. You can usually restore these blades by running them through something abrasive, like asphalt, instead of trying to replace them [5]. In other words, the best way to determine if you need to replace your diamond blade is to look at it.

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