How to Control Dust when Cutting Concrete, by Concrete Network

How to Cut Safely with a Diamond Blade and Handheld Saw

Controlling respirable crystalline silica dust can prevent lung conditions like silicosis, COPD, tuberculosis, and lung cancer. The best way to do that, aside from wearing a respirator, is wet-cutting. However, wet-cutting has disadvantages: it’s messy and not suited for indoor cutting, not all saws are equipped for it, and cutting sites don’t always have access to water.

Using a vacuum to control dust is less preferable to wet-cutting, but it has the advantages of being easier to set up and clean up. This video from showcases three kinds of vacuums, from Shop-Vac-type vacuums all the way to HEPA filter-equipped monsters. Watch it now, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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