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A Message from the CEO

Nicholas Mione, CEO of Desert Diamond Industries“I believe in a world without conventional abrasive blades! I believe that every worker has a right to use the safest, most effective tools to perform their craft and to contribute to society as a whole.”

Desert Diamond Industries, was founded in Las Vegas, NV on February 1, 2008, by my brother Gionni and I. Together we had one thing in mind – “To make a change and a difference in the way the diamond blade industry operated and treated their clients.”

In our industry today, companies all over the world are taking risks with low quality designs which hamper efforts to “go green”, to decrease costs and litigation, and to increase safety. The light bulb was one of these first products “built to break”.

In 1921, General Electric and several other companies set up the Phoebus Cartel to limit the life of the light bulb. They standardized each bulb at 1,000 hours and fined producers when bulbs lasted longer. This resulted in the reduction of competition in the light bulb industry for almost fifteen years, and an accusation that this prevented technological advances that would have produced longer-lasting light bulbs. This is called “Planned Obsolescence”, and I believe this needs to stop.

The elimination of “Planned Obsolescence” today has never been more needed than in the metal working industry. Every day, students, employees, and people are injured by conventional abrasive blades supplied by the Multi-Billion dollar companies that specialize in abrasives. These same companies can simply stop making these discs and start using superabrasives, and yet they choose to not move to this alternative. This technology to use superabrasives not only saves clients thousands of dollars, but it eliminates the hazardous dust that is emitted, along with the potential life threating injuries caused by conventional abrasive blades when they explode.

Desert Diamond Industries’ goal is to ban abrasive blades all over the globe. Focus is starting with America first. Our vision is a world without conventional abrasive blades, a world where students in vocational programs and employees can operate discs that do not explode during use or emit cancer-causing dust. It is our commitment to the safety of those that use our products that drives the design of each blade.

The track record has been one of phenomenal success and growth for the clients using our superabrasives over the latter, and it is my personal goal to develop the structure and support teams needed to inspire and motivate people to join our cause to change the face of the welding industry today.

“We believe that every worker has a right to use the safest, most effective tools to perform their craft and to contribute to society as a whole.”

Nicholas Mione
CEO, Desert Diamond Industries