About Desert Diamond Industries

About Us at Desert Diamond IndustriesWe founded Desert Diamond Industries in Las Vegas, NV on Feb. 1, 2008 with one goal: “Your Safety… Our Priority!!™”

We want to produce the most earth-friendly, cost-effective and safe products possible. We’ve accomplished this goal, in part, by developing solid steel, vacuum-brazed diamond tools like the Ductile Iron Safety Blade, Fire Rescue Safety Blade, Ductile Iron Ring Saw Safety Blade and Safety Blade Grinder/Cutter. These tools will not shatter like abrasive blades and wheels or break like welded blades, increasing workplace safety and reducing worker injuries and deaths. Because of this commitment to quality and safety, our products are used on many of the world’s most challenging and complex projects.

Your Safety… Our Priority!!™: We believe that every worker has the right to use the safest, most effective tools to perform their craft and to contribute to society as a whole. We are also opposed to companies that provide unsafe and inferior products, services and warranties. Products that get the job done at the expense of safety are not acceptable, period.

Desert Diamond Industries’ Design Team: Our lead engineers have a combined 40 years of field experience as journeymen welders, journeymen carpenters and concrete cutters. We apply this experience, as well as insights gained from thousands of tailgate meetings, to everything that we do.

Life Time Operator Error Warranty: We’ve been in the field. We’ve seen the problems that you encounter daily. We understand that accidents happen and products break, and we think that our clients shouldn’t be abandoned when that happens. That’s why we offer the only Life Time Operator Error Warranty in the industry. As we like to say: “If your blade breaks, you should not be left holding the bag.”

Desert Diamond Industries Mission Statement: To educate and advise the clients that we serve and their staff on the hazards and health-related issues associated with using inferior products; to facilitate the reform of upgrading the current unsafe working habits associated with cutting and grinding technologies; to become the leading manufacturer in the industry, ushering in a new paradigm of safety in the work place through the exploration and development of the safest, most effective cutting and grinding tools produced; and to ensure every worker goes home safe.

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