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One Last Look at the American Water Works Association’s ACE14 Conference

See You in Boston at the AWWW's ACE14 Conference!

Courtesy of American Water Works Association

The exposition hall at the American Water Works Association‘s ACE14 conference closed today. We’d hoped to get you photos of the last day of the conference, but unfortunately our photographer (and General Manager) Troy Fullerton was too busy making deals and breaking down our booth to take any photos.

Instead, we’d like to take one last look at the photos Troy has already taken at the conference, where we made so many contacts and friends.

June 7

Desert Diamond Industries' Booth at ACE14, June 7

Our booth at ACE14.

Nicholas Mione with Husqvarna K970 Ring Saw at ACE14, June 7

Our conference team had a little too much fun setting up our booth, so setup took longer than we expected. Here’s our president Nicholas Mione messing around with a Husqvarna K970 ring saw.

June 8

Aerial View of ACE14, June 8

An aerial view of the ACE14 exposition hall. Our booth was located along the 2400 aisle down there.

June 9

Desert Diamond Industries' Booth at ACE14, June 9And here’s Nick working the crowd at ACE14.

Day 2 at the American Water Works Association’s ACE14 Conference

Day 2 at American Water Works Association's ACE14 Conference

Courtesy of American Water Works Association

Yesterday was the second day of expositions at the American Water Works Association‘s ACE14 conference, and Desert Diamond Industries was there! If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry! We have photos of the exposition hall floor. Take a look.

The final day of expositions starts at 9 a.m. tomorrow. Stop by Booth 2466 (PDF) at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center to see our full line of Safety Blades and for your chance to win a Ductile Iron Safety Blade or Husqvarna K970 ring saw!

Nicholas Mione Working the Crowd at ACE14, June 9

Desert Diamond Industries’ president Nicholas Mione working the crowd at ACE14.

Desert Diamond Industries' Booth at ACE14, June 9

Another angle on our booth at ACE14.

Desert Diamond Industries' Convention Team at ACE14, June 9

Our convention team outside a Boston restaurant (from left to right: General Manager Troy Fullerton, Glen Hellebrand, and president Nicholas Mione). If you’re at ACE14 tomorrow, stop by Booth 2466 and say hello to them!

The Winner of Desert Diamond Industries’ ACE13 Raffle!

AWWA ACE13 BearDesert Diamond Industries would like to congratulate Chuck Sparks of the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power! He was the winner of our ACE13 conference raffle, which was held last Wednesday on June 12. Chuck won a Husqvarna K970 ring saw with a 14″ Ductile Iron Ring Saw Safety Blade.

Again, congratulations, Chuck!

Highlights from the American Water Works Association’s ACE13 Conference


We took a ton of photos at the American Water Works Association‘s ACE13 conference earlier this week… and what good would trip photos be if you couldn’t inflict them on your friends? These are our very best photos from the conference, including some that we haven’t posted yet. You can see them after the break.

Thanks to Troy Fullerton for the photos.

We start with…

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Last Day of the ACE13 Conference, June 12

AWWA ACE13 BearWe had a ton of fun at the American Water Works Association’s ACE13 conference – met a lot of people, got a lot done, as we hope you did. However, no matter how great a time you’re having, there’ll always come a time when you have to pack up the car and head home.

The exhibition hall closed at 12 p.m., and things were pretty slow, so we don’t have any good photos from the last day of the conference. Instead, sit back, relax and let us do the driving as we showcase this selection of photos from the trip home from Denver, CO to sunny Las Vegas, NV.

June 12, Loading Up the Truck at ACE13

Packing up the truck at ACE13.

June 12, Green Stuff in Colorado

We kept seeing this… green stuff in Colorado. Being native Las Vegans, we had never encountered its like before, so we kept our distance.

June 12, We Must Arm Ourselves... To the Teeth!

What every 12-hour-plus road trip needs: something to hydrate you, something to keep you awake and something to keep your stomach busy.

June 12, More Green Stuff in Colorado

More green stuff. You folks in Colorado should do something about it, because it’s everywhere.

June 12, Snow in June

That, ladies and gentlemen, is snow. In June. Colorado is awesome, and we thank you for having us.

(Oh, and just for the record, the high today in Las Vegas was 105. Like we said, Colorado is awesome)