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San Diego Public Utilities Department Water Branch on the Ductile Iron Safety Blade

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Kenny Stanley, Water Systems Technician 4 for the  City of San Diego Public Utilities Department’s water branch, doesn’t know which diamond blade his branch used before switching to Ductile Iron Safety Blades, just that it was some “cheesy blade” from Korea. He does remember the cutting segments breaking off, though. None of his guys got hurt, but it was still aggravating.

“The guys would come in (and say) my blade’s dull!” said Stanley. “Yeah, if you’re missing pieces…”

San Diego received a trial blade from Desert Diamond Industries about two years ago, and now uses the Safety Blade to cut cast iron, PVC, ductile iron, and concrete. Stanley said it lasts longer, and added that its solid steel design resists breakage, unlike the welded Korean blades that they used before.

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The Safety Blade in Action during the Demolition of Wildcat Dam

Water Articles on Desert Diamond Industries' Blog

You hear us talk a lot about the Ductile Iron Safety Blade on this blog. Don’t you deserve to see it in action?

We thought so, too.

This video was taken during the 2010 demolition of Wildcat Dam near Manton, CA. The workers in this video are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) because of lead paint on the pipe that they’re cutting. We could add that they’d need PPE if they were using an abrasive blade but, hey, we’ve covered that ground before.

Thanks to MRado173.

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Spotlight Video on the Ductile Iron Safety Blade

We’ve put together a new promotional video for the Ductile Iron Safety Blade. It’s a bit different from our other videos because it was shot entirely at the World of Concrete 2013 conference. That being said, we think you’ll like it.

See Desert Diamond Industries’ other YouTube videos.

Safety Blade Features, by Salesman Jeff Compton

If you’ve debated using the Safety Blade, let our salesman Jeff Compton convince you.

The Safety Blade is a multipurpose blade that cuts ductile iron, steel, concrete, asphalt and almost anything else that you’ll encounter. It’s more versatile than welded diamond blades and safer than abrasive blades, and it will outlast and outcut anything you put it up against. The Safety Blade is used by fire departments, water utilities, transportation departments, construction companies and foundries throughout the United States and Canada.

Not only that, but it’s made the United States of America, a claim some other blades can’t make.

Visit our website for more information on the Ductile Iron Safety Blade and Fire Rescue Safety Blade.

Shot at World of Concrete 2013, held on Feb. 5-8, 2013 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Buy 10 Safety Blades, Get a FREE iPad or iPad Mini! Limited Quantities Available!

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Get a FREE iPad or iPad Mini when you buy 10 Safety Blades! Click on this flyer for details!

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