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“I used a blade last week that blew us away.” – Newton Township, OH Fire Department

"I used a blade last week that blew us away." - Newton Township, OH Fire Department

We’re back from the ACE14 conference in Boston, MA, and we come bearing more testimonials about the Fire Rescue Safety Blade. This one’s from Captain Josh Bryan, Training Coordinator for the Newton Township, OH Fire Department, and it includes photos of the Fire Rescue Safety Blade in action. Here’s what he has to say:

Chief, I used a blade last week that blew us away. We had one sent as a demo and tested it during our recent level I & II classes. Every instructor saw first hand (sic) and then tried it ourselves. We all agreed that it was stronger than anything we’ve seen or used prior on our USAR training’s (sic) we’ve taken… We cut metal, re-bar, locks, Steel doors, then cut 6-inch concrete without a problem, then as a final test cut 1/4(-inch) steel on a building corner pillar, the concrete behind it and the re-bar inside the concrete. It cut like butter!

The price is far cheaper and is lifetime guaranteed! I’d love to get two of these for Newton.

Newton Township, OH Fire Department - Fire Rescue Safety Blade 1Newton Township, OH Fire Department - Fire Rescue Safety Blade 2Newton Township, OH Fire Department - Fire Rescue Safety Blade 3 Newton Township, OH Fire Department - Fire Rescue Safety Blade 4

“I Have Never Used a Blade that Worked as Efficient as This Blade” – Houston Fire Department ARFF

"I Have Never Used a Blade that Worked as Efficient as This Blade" - Houston Fire Department ARFFForgive us, but we have to toot our own horn today.

Senior Captain Ronald Krusleski of the Houston Fire Department‘s Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) squad sent us a glowing testimonial for the Fire Rescue Safety Blade yesterday. We’re rightly proud of some of the things that he said:

“We used the 16” Safety Blade on a Boeing 727 fuselage during a four day rescue class. This blade was unbelievable on how quick it cut through the fuselage. We used one blade for a day and part of another day before we changed to a new blade. In the past, we would have gone through multiple blades in one day. I have been in the fire service for 28 years and I have never used a blade that worked as efficient (sic) as this blade. We will be ordering more blades to replace the few we used during our training.” (emphasis ours)

Well, Capt. Krusleski, we’d like to thank you for the kind words and the photo that you took of the Fire Rescue Safety Blade during training:

Houston Airport Fire Rescue Squads Using Fire Rescue Safety Blade on Boeing 727

Find out more about the Fire Rescue Safety Blade today!

Which Fire Rescue Blade Cuts the Fastest?

Every second counts when you’re trying to force your way into a burning structure or cut a vehicle away from a victim. You need the fastest saw blade that you can get. But which fire rescue blade is the fastest?

Clark County Fire Department put our Fire Rescue Safety Blade up against four competing blades to find that out. Lo and behold, the Fire Rescue Safety Blade cut fastest or came in a close second when cutting eight different materials. Click on the image below for details, or download a PDF of it now.

Desert Diamond Industries Cutting Time Comparison - Fire Rescue Safety Blade vs Competitors' Blades

Press Release – Cooperative Safety Increase Program to Provide Low-Cost Fire Rescue Blades to Firefighters

Cooperative Safety Increase Program to Provide Low-Cost Fire Rescue Blades to Firefighters

Desert Diamond Industries
2799 E. Tropicana Avenue
Suite G
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Contact: Nicholas Mione or Gionni Mione
Phone: (800) 654-5890 or (702) 606-6631
E-mail: ddi@desertdiamondindustries.com
Website: http://desertdiamondindustries.com/
Blog: https://desertdiamondindustries.wordpress.com/

Desert Diamond Industries (DDI) has introduced its Cooperative Safety Increase Program (CSIP) to provide the Fire Rescue Safety Blade to as many firefighters as possible.

According to DDI president Gionni Mione, CSIP is based around fire departments committing to purchase either the Fire Rescue Safety Blade or other fire rescue blades, based on their buying criteria. This allows DDI to know how many blades its customers need and to make them in large batches with lower per-unit costs instead of in smaller batches as they’re ordered. The more fire departments in the program, the lower DDI can drive its costs down.

CSIP’s goal is to reduce the Fire Rescue Safety Blade’s cost below that of unsafe welded and abrasive blades and make it more financially attractive to cash-strapped fire departments, according to Mione.

“Our goal is to urge departments to consider using the Safety Blade because it’s been tested by the larger departments to be the safest,” he said.

Fire departments that join CSIP within its first six months can buy the 14-inch Fire Rescue Safety Blade for $164 each, according to Mione. This cost should decrease as more fire departments join the program.

CSIP will initially be offered to volunteer fire departments, but will expand to all fire departments that DDI does business with.

Founded in Las Vegas, NV in 2008 by Nicholas Mione and Gionni Mione, DDI is now the largest supplier of diamond blades to governmental agencies in the United States and Canada. Up to 90 percent of water and underground utilities, fire departments, and foundries in these two countries use DDI’s signature Ductile Iron Safety Blade and Fire Rescue Safety Blade.

Download a PDF copy of this press release.

Fire Rescue Safety Blades to Be Used in Hands-on Training at FDIC 2013 Firefighter Conference

FDICDesert Diamond Industries will sponsor eight Hands-on Training classes (PDF) at FDIC 2013 on April 22 and 23. Trainers will use the 14″ Fire Rescue Safety Blade in the following classes:

  • Grain Bin Rescue and Engulfment Operations
  • Collapse and Void Search Rescue
  • Flashover
  • Live Fire First-Due Tactics
  • Man vs. Machinery
  • Conducting NFPA 1403 Live Burn Training
  • Truck Company: Essentials
  • Urban Essentials
FDIC 2013 Flyer - Desert Diamond Industries

FDIC 2013 Flyer – Click for PDF flyer.

We’re proud to provide blades that will help sharpen the skills of the United States’ Bravest and keep us all safe!

Remember, we’ll be at the FDIC 2013 firefighter conference in Indianapolis, IN from April 25 to 27! Visit us in Booth 9550 at the Lucas Oil Stadium. See our press release for details.