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Flat Roof Ventilation on Multiple Dwellings, by Flashover TV

Flat Roof Ventilation on Multiple Dwellings, by Flashover TV

Photo courtesy of Brotherhood Instructors, LLC

Do you have multiple dwellings with flat roofs in your fire district? If you do, then you’ll want to watch this two-part video from Flashover TV.

Battalion Chief Ted Corporandy, Ret. of the San Francisco, CA Fire Department explains what you need to consider and do when venting these kinds of roofs, including:

  • What tools and equipment you need
  • How to size up a roof
  • Things to look for and how to deal with them, including skylights, scuttle covers, and vent caps
  • Where to cut your ventilation hole
  • Why you should cut only one ventilation hole
  • Where to make trench cuts
  • How to do horizontal ventilation
  • How to rescue victims from windows via the roof

Watch these videos now.

Thanks to FireRescue1 and Working Fire Training.

Flashover TV, “Ventilation Flat Roof Operations” Part 1 and Part 2

“I used a blade last week that blew us away.” – Newton Township, OH Fire Department

"I used a blade last week that blew us away." - Newton Township, OH Fire Department

We’re back from the ACE14 conference in Boston, MA, and we come bearing more testimonials about the Fire Rescue Safety Blade. This one’s from Captain Josh Bryan, Training Coordinator for the Newton Township, OH Fire Department, and it includes photos of the Fire Rescue Safety Blade in action. Here’s what he has to say:

Chief, I used a blade last week that blew us away. We had one sent as a demo and tested it during our recent level I & II classes. Every instructor saw first hand (sic) and then tried it ourselves. We all agreed that it was stronger than anything we’ve seen or used prior on our USAR training’s (sic) we’ve taken… We cut metal, re-bar, locks, Steel doors, then cut 6-inch concrete without a problem, then as a final test cut 1/4(-inch) steel on a building corner pillar, the concrete behind it and the re-bar inside the concrete. It cut like butter!

The price is far cheaper and is lifetime guaranteed! I’d love to get two of these for Newton.

Newton Township, OH Fire Department - Fire Rescue Safety Blade 1Newton Township, OH Fire Department - Fire Rescue Safety Blade 2Newton Township, OH Fire Department - Fire Rescue Safety Blade 3 Newton Township, OH Fire Department - Fire Rescue Safety Blade 4

Which Fire Rescue Blade Cuts the Fastest?

Every second counts when you’re trying to force your way into a burning structure or cut a vehicle away from a victim. You need the fastest saw blade that you can get. But which fire rescue blade is the fastest?

Clark County Fire Department put our Fire Rescue Safety Blade up against four competing blades to find that out. Lo and behold, the Fire Rescue Safety Blade cut fastest or came in a close second when cutting eight different materials. Click on the image below for details, or download a PDF of it now.

Desert Diamond Industries Cutting Time Comparison - Fire Rescue Safety Blade vs Competitors' Blades

Cutting Carriage Bolt Heads in Doors with Fire Rescue Saws during Forcible Entry

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesIt’s (relatively) easy to pull sliding bolt and drop bar carriage bolts from hollow-core doors. But what do you do if you come up against solid or reinforced doors? No problem, says Search & Destroy Fire Training, LLC. Just grind off the bolt heads with the cutting edge of your fire rescue saw’s blade. They show you how to do it in this video.

This technique looks clumsy and impractical at first, but Search & Rescue claims that you can get pretty precise with your saw if you practice. And hey, the video’s set to Social Distortion’s cover of “Backstreet Girl”. Watch it for that if nothing else.

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