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From the Archives: Changing the Drive Belt on a Husqvarna Cut Off Saw or Fire Rescue Saw

From the Archives: Changing the Drive Belt on a Husqvarna Cut Off Saw or Fire Rescue Saw

Courtesy of Brotherhood Instructors, LLC

We’ve gotten a lot of interest lately about cut off saw and fire rescue saw maintenance, so we decided to repost this article on changing a Husqvarna K970 saw’s drive belt. Tell us what you think!

Knowing how to change the drive belt on your Husqvarna cut off saw or fire rescue saw can improve your cutting performance and extend your saw’s life – in other words, save you time and money. Husqvarna has put out a helpful video showing you how to do just that.

The cut off saw shown here is a Husqvarna K970 saw. However, you should be able to use this procedure on any of Husqvarna’s K970 or K760 saws, like the Husqvarna K760 fire rescue saw and K970 fire rescue saw.

Regular readers of this blog may recognize some of these steps from our partner Brotherhood Instructors, LLC‘s video on how to convert a Husqvarna fire rescue saw to outboard cutting. That’s good news for you, because if you can do that, then you can certainly do this.

How to Convert a Husqvarna Saw to Outboard Cutting

How To Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesYou can convert Husqvarna saws with “reversible cutting arms”, like the K760 Fire Rescue Gas Saw and K970 Fire Rescue Gas Saw, to “outboard” cutting. This conversion moves the blade from the saw’s centerline to its side, allowing you to cut closer to walls and floors. You may find this to be useful if you’re a firefighter, according to our partners at Brotherhood Instructors, LLC, because it lets you cut boltheads and foot bolts easier during forcible entries. In this video, Brotherhood Instructors demonstrates how to set up a Husqvarna K960 Fire Rescue Gas Saw for outboard cutting.

Oh, and watch for the cameo by the Fire Rescue Safety Blade!