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Need to Make Quieter Cuts? Try Quiet Core and Silent Core Blades

Stone and Masonry Cutting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesThere are times when you want to reduce your cutting noise – usually indoors, in confined areas or near homes, hospitals and schools. Luckily, there are blades that allow you to do just that. These are blades that are designed with “quiet cores” or “silent cores”.

Before we go any further, it may help to explain why blades make so much noise during cutting. Blades make noise because they vibrate while cutting. This isn’t a hazard or defect. Even the best blades cutting on perfectly maintained saws will produce some vibration, which means they’ll produce noise. It stands to reason, then, that if you reduce the vibrations in your blade, you’ll reduce the noise it generates during cutting.

Quiet core blades dissipate vibrations traveling through a blade. Their cores have cuts filled with rubber and other sound-dampening materials, which disrupt and dissipate any blade vibrations that they encounter, reducing cutting noise.

Silent core blades dampen vibrations in a blade. Their cores have a layer of sound-dampening material, like rubber or copper, sandwiched between two layers of traditional blade core material, like steel. These sound-dampening cores dampen vibrations in the blade which, again, reduces cutting noise.

Desert Diamond Industries has several stone and masonry blades with noise-reducing cores, including Pro Block Master Blades, Pro Brick Master Blades and Twin Segmented Pro Masonry Blades, so you’re sure to find a blade that fits your needs. Best of all, you’ll be able to cut without waking the neighbors!

For more information on quiet core and silent core blades, read or download Quiet Core and Silent Core Diamond Blades for free from our Scribd page.

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