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Fire Rescue Safety Blade Blows the Competition Out of the Water – One More Time

Remember that great Rescue Methods video that we posted a week or so ago, where the Fire Rescue Safety Blade left the competition in the dust when cutting steel fence, plywood, concrete and roof shingles?

Well, we do. And you know what? We like that video – so much, in fact, that we asked Rescue Methods if we could add it to our YouTube channel from their YouTube channel. They said yes, which is our feeble excuse for showing the Fire Rescue Safety Blade do what it does best yet again.


Fire Rescue Safety Blade Blows the Competition Out of the Water

Firefighting Articles from Desert Diamond IndustriesWe here at Desert Diamond Industries don’t like to boast. Really, we don’t. But it’s hard not to crow about this video from firefighter trainers Rescue Methods.

They put the Fire Rescue Safety Blade head-to-head against a competitor’s blade, cutting steel fence, plywood, concrete and roof shingles – things that a firefighter might have to cut at a call. The result? The Fire Rescue Safety Blade blew the competition out of the water.

Here’s a quote from this video’s description on YouTube:

“… The Safety Blade exceeded all expectations and we ran it through the paces in cut trials with the primary competitor’s blade. This multi purpose blade has almost no limitations, outstanding durability, and cuts with remarkable speed. There is no competition…”

It just gets better when you watch the video.

“… We’re really big advocates of this blade. It’s economical, it’s very durable, and it’s incredibly effective at the applications. Whether it’s coming off the truck for an auto extrication or whether it’s involved in a full-scale USAR event where we’re cutting up concrete and steel, it’s going to meet all the demands that we’re going to place on it…”

Cutting steel fence: “…From a performance perspective, you can see that there was a dramatic difference in speed, in ease of cut compared between the two blade manufacturers. The Desert Diamond (blade) exceeded the other blade’s performance exponentially…”

Cutting plywood: “… When (the Fire Rescue Safety Blade) does encounter wood, you can see that we have some very minimal burn marks or scoring marks on this side. However, when we transition to the competitor blade, you can see that we’ve got a lot of significant discoloration and burn marking through the portion of this cut…”

Cutting concrete: “… Bobby’s not discontent or unhappy with the performance of that blade, but when you compare it to the Desert Diamond (blade), and you look at the cut lengths that were accomplished in the same amount of time, again, radical difference…”

Cutting roof shingles: “… The side abrasive segments on the Desert Diamond (blade) continue to allow it to clean out that cut and not get gunked up with the by-products of the shingles and everything else that causes the blade to come under friction, start to slow down and start to get bogged down in the cut. (The competitor’s) blade continually had to get dipped in, pulled out, dipped in, pulled out, just to keep trying to cycle it back up to full RPMs. (The Fire Rescue Safety Blade) just continually ripped through it…”

It doesn’t get much more definitive than that.

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